The Neighbourhood Wiki

These are the rules of The Neighbourhood Wiki. They are necessary to follow, and you will receive punishment for breaking them.

This page is still being worked on, please come back later to see more.


  1. As COPPA states, you must be 13 or over to have an account on this website.
  2. No harassing and targeting other users.
  3. No bigotry of any kind. For example, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
    1. This includes making racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. jokes. They aren't funny.
  4. No trolling or spamming.
  5. Do not post NSFW content.
  6. No badge or edit farming. This means making useless edits simply to gain badges or a high amount of edits.
  7. Obviously, vandalism is forbidden.
    1. This includes editing other user's user pages without permission.
  8. No sockpuppeting. This means creating another account pretending to be a different person. This is usually used to avoid a block, however it has other uses as well.
  9. Do not remove warnings or block messages from your message wall.
  10. Only admins and mini-admins are able to issue warnings. If you see a person breaking the rules, please calmly report them. Do not attempt to deal with the situation yourself, as this is considered mini-modding.

Minor Rules

  1. Music on user pages and message walls is allowed, however it must be non-autoplaying only.